The family consists of Allan (that's me) and Liz Tompkins of Koondrook, Victoria, Australia and
our four children - John (married twice), twins Angela and James (unmarried) and Veronica
(married to Mark). John has one son, Jake, while Veronica and Mark have Josh and Lauren.

Left:- Veronica, Liz, Angela, Allan with Josh, John, James and Jake at the front
(Nunawading 1998).

Right:- Josh 1999.

Left:- Lauren Elizabeth
(born March 14, 1999)

Right:- Veronica with Lauren, Allan with Josh, and Angela
(Nunawading 1999).

The c.1945 photo below shows four Tompkins brothers and our only Tompkins first cousin. At the back are Graeme, cousin Mavis and Barry, with Rocky (Robin) and Allan in front.

The photo above shows the same four brothers in 1998. Left to right are Rocky (Robin), Graeme, Allan and Barry.

I have put this "photo album" together purely for our various friends and relatives around
the world and I make changes from time to time. If you have stumbled onto this page while
surfing the Net, I'm sorry it's not of greater general interest; thanks for dropping by though!
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We now have a web-page prepared about our ancestor Jacob Tompkins who was born in New York c.1759
and died in New Brunswick in 1842. You'll find it at
And you'll find the first 3 generations of his descendants listed at
And we've recently completed a new web-site about the Brig AUSTRALIA
which brought our ancestor, Joel Tompkins, to Australia from New Brunswick (Canada) in 1852.
This page updated January, 2006 by Allan J. Tompkins.